Welcome to Mystery Mansion!

You are a child who has wandered into a mysterious mansion inside a forest. After stepping inside, the doors close behind you and trap you inside. Your task is to search for a way out.

This is a school project we worked on for about 6 weeks. The development is still ongoing, we try to add little stuff here and there, and maybe try to finish the product some day.

The gameplay is quite simple, you just click on what you want to examine, pick stuff up into your inventory (which can be opened from the backpack in the lower right), use stuff from your inventory either by clicking what you want to use and where, or by dragging the item onto what you want to use it on. Pretty simple and straight forward, although some puzzles may require you to think and read a little more.

There will be additional builds in the future, right now the game can be played on Android and Windows platforms.


Mystery Mansion for Android 40 MB
Mystery Mansion for Windows 40 MB

Development log


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this is the most AMAZING GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED I do have a youtube channel so I will make sure that people know about this cool game

Nice to hear you enjoyed playing it, it's short but the team put their best effort to it.

Is there anyway I can have the music from this in mp3 format? It's so pretty...


This comment made my day. I'll link them right here! So glad you enjoyed the music, have a good one!

- Leo V (the composer)

Soundtrack (Dropbox link)


This was fun, but was the game supposed to end as soon as you enter the final door? It seemed like there was something missing.



Thanks for taking the time to try the game. The "ending cinematic" is supposed to play after you enter the final door, but it doesn't work in the web build for some reason. If you're burning to see it, download the Android or Desktop version and you should be good to go : )